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Introducing Toot: Your City Oasis on Four Wheels

Escape the urban gridlock and reclaim the streets with Toot, the revolutionary electric tricycle redefining city commutes.


  • Effortless navigation: Glide through traffic jams and conquer hills with ease thanks to Toot's powerful yet silent electric motor. Say goodbye to sweat and hello to effortless urban mobility.
  • Sustainable style: Stand out from the crowd with Toot's unique wooden and inox design. This eco-conscious vehicle makes a statement wherever you go, turning heads and sparking conversations.
  • Unrivaled stability: Feel the confidence of four wheels beneath you. Toot's stable design offers peace of mind on busy streets, perfect for navigating potholes and uneven terrain.
  • Effortless storage: Carry your groceries, gym bag, or work essentials with ease in Toot's spacious onboard storage. No more juggling bags or fighting backpacks - Toot has you covered.
  • Personalized comfort: Adjust the seat and handlebars to fit your perfect riding position, making every journey a breeze. Toot adapts to you, not the other way around.

Toot is more than just a commute, it's a statement:

  • Eco-friendly explorer: Reduce your carbon footprint and embrace sustainable transportation with every ride.
  • Urban trendsetter: Turn heads with your unique style and join the growing movement of conscious commuters.

Embrace the freedom of the city with Toot!

Order yours today and experience the urban oasis on four wheels!


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