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Spark their imagination with the Triclus!

Unleash your child's inner explorer with the Triclus, the revolutionary tricycle designed for endless adventures!

Built for ages 4-12, the Triclus' unique curved design:

  • Hugely hugs your child with a protective embrace, creating a safe and cozy cockpit.
  • No sharp corners or exposed gears, eliminating concerns about bumps and bruises.
  • Inspires imaginative play with its futuristic aesthetic, transforming every ride into a journey through fantastical worlds.

But the Triclus is more than just fun, it's built to last:

  • A robust inox and wood frame stands up to even the most enthusiastic riders.
  • Full, durable tires conquer any terrain, from smooth sidewalks to grassy parks.
  • Lightweight and easy to handle, your child can take the Triclus wherever their adventures lead.

The Triclus is more than just a tricycle, it's a:

  • Confidence booster: Building balance and coordination with every pedal stroke.
  • Health companion: Encouraging active play and outdoor fun.
  • Memory maker: Creating joyful moments that will last a lifetime.

Give your child the gift of freedom and exploration with the Trico!

Order yours today and watch their smiles take off!


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