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Behold the Triclus: Where Inox Meets Exhilaration

Introducing the Triclus, not just an adult tricycle, but a sleek chariot of inox-infused adventure. Forget wobbly wheels and mundane commutes – the Triclus invites you to glide through your days with effortless balance and captivating style.


Triple Threat Stability: Three wheels whisper, "Confidence guaranteed." Navigate city streets, conquer rolling hills, and cruise with serene ease. The Triclus is your unwavering companion, every turn a testament to its poise.
Inox Exuberance: Polish catches the sun, transforming the Triclus into a mobile masterpiece. This weather-defying inox gleams for years, a constant reminder that you ride with an edge.
Basket Bounty: Adventures require provisions. The Triclus answers with a front basket, ready to hold picnic delights, market finds, or whatever sparks your joy.
Park and Panache: Whether outside your favorite bistro or parked at the local park, the Triclus is a showstopper. Its inox elegance turns heads and sparks conversations, making every ride an opportunity to shine.
The Triclus is more than transportation, it's a statement. It's a declaration of your adventurous spirit, your appreciation for impeccable design, and your commitment to riding in style. So, cast aside the ordinary and embrace the extraordinary.

Triclus for adults

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